What I've Done

facing myself...

7 November

Gqesque - Corvida Passion
High Level Performer; Junior; Graphic Design Major; Hampton University; Miami Bred; Self-Educated; Lesbian Labeled; Geek

I'm ridiculously feeling myself these days. I'm way more concerned with my relationship with myself & GOD than my school work. I'm too mature for most & I'm actually quite content with that. Drama is kept at a minimum. I'd rather it not be a heavily used vocabulary word. I'm exclusive. Ergo, so is my life & so is this journal.

- loyal; honest; respectable; intelligent; intellectual; mentally stimulating; SCORPIO; hilarious; curious; insatiable; determined; obsessive; a perfectionist in my own way; lover; passionate; humble; extraordinary; bookworm; music lover; wonder woman; postive; uplifting; encouraging; inspirational; romantic; loner by choice and destiny;

destined to do great things...
- the L word, Gossip Girl

- Currently rotating Plies, Rihanna, Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Wayne, & Paramore

- Recently: The First Sunday, Perfect Holiday

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